Meet Our Staff (2004)

In a small, family-run business, everyone is important and has their own unique role to play in building our success.

This is Buddy, the president of Snug Harbor. He is the man that had the idea of starting it up in the first place. And he helps David Trimble work on some of the books that we later sell on CD.

Michelle Hestand

This is our vice president, Michelle.

snugcheyenne1Here is Cheyenne. She is our “intern” It will be a few years before she is ready to work on her own. But she is smart and we feel that she will go far. For now her main job is messenger. She is also in the entertainment field for break time.

snugblackjackWhich brings us to Blackjack, our “breakman” He lets us know when we have worked long and hard enough by laying down and stretching out on whatever we are doing.

snugtony2Sweet, Lovable, clumbsy Tony. He reminds us when it is time for food. He believes in a healthy 20 meals a day.

snugchocolateNow meet our sweet Chocolate. She keeps her son, Tony in line when he gets too out of hand. She also makes sure that we get our exercise by making us chase her to get back the balls that she catches so that we can throw them again.

snugisis1And last but not least is sweet, shy Isis who gives us the honor of petting her for a job well-done.

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