Miniature Grandfather Clocks

We are sorry. Snug Harbor doesn’t have any handmade clocks for sale at this time. These were built as a hobby in our free time and sold for $75 +

I no longer have the tools but still enjoy the memories when I see these pictures. 🙂

I remember sitting at the table with my grandfather as we talked about design ideas. He had a few plans that he liked to follow, but I always wanted to take the time to do a little something extra.

I remember the important lessons in patience as we sanded our clocks. I thought mine was smooth enough, but he explained that the end result will be much better if we make it smooth before and between layers of varnish.

And I remember the flood of ideas rushing into my mind as we went to the craft store for decorative finishing touches. How did my grandfather have so much restraint? I wanted to grab three of everything! But he would just get a few little knobs or golden decals and go on his way.

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