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We Love our Omica Shower Filter!

97% of time time, I feel like our local tap water is “OK”. But if there’s an option to reduce chlorine, heavy metals, and more, why wouldn’t I?

After about 7-8 months my family notices that our skin and hair don’t feel as nice and the water has an odor to it. This is our reminder to appreciate and change our Omica Shower Filter.

Your individual results will depend on starting water quality and on how much water you use.

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A Shower Filter and a Water Softener to:

  • Reduce chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, and organic waste
  • Help skin be soft and smooth
  • Help hair be soft and silky with a natural radiance
  • Reduce bad odors and scale build-up on tile and glass
  • Enhance pH balance

Hand crafted in the USA. This filter does NOT have a changeable cartridge. This allows for more filtration media.

As easy as changing a shower head! This filter fits the standard 1/2″ pipe threads used for most shower head connections in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Just remove your shower head, apply teflon tape to the threads that come out of your wall, screw on the Omica Shower Filter, then attach your shower head directly to the filter.

Test Results Available – Check out the Chlorine Removal Test

Gallons Flow Rate Added Chlorine Remaining Chlorine % Chlorine Removed
1,000 2.46 gpm 2.49 mg/L 0.03 mg/L 99%
3,000 2.44 gpm 1.99 mg/L 0.05 mg/L 95%
10,000 2.51 gpm 2.11 mg/L 0.21 mg/L 90%
Omica Shower Filter Chlorine Removal Test


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