Shout-out: Golden Images LLC for Scanning Our Books

David Trimble and my grandfather had an arrangement. After David sold all hard copies of a book, my grandfather would scan the manuscript and sell it as a CD.

This process was very time consuming and subject to human error. I have found so many pages that were out of order, crooked, or upside down. Considering how many pages my grandfather had to scan and compile into a PDF, I would say he did an excellent job! But I knew that this task wasn’t for me. So, I looked for a company to offer book to PDF conversions at a reasonable price.

I ended up choosing Golden Images LLC. Stan has always delivered excellent quality with a reasonable speed and price. Especially compared to when I think of the hours I saw my grandfather hovering over the scanner and computer in his home office. Between work, college, and raising my daughter it would have taken me months to scan a complete book. Golden Images would get back to me with complete, multi-book projects within days.

Highly suggested if you are looking for somebody to digitize your old books: Golden Images LLC:

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